Why Future Solutions Services?

  • User-friendly solutions with rich interactive interfaces.
  • Reliable, it provides you with 100% accurate data source.
  • Secure against attacks, which is important when your data is sensitive.
  • Provided with wide range of features and options.
  • Powerful with high performance.
  • Developed by our professional team.

Future Solutions Software Services

Our software services are devided into three categories. Please navigate each category and select what you need.

Do you have a host and you don’t know how to manage it ? We provide host management services to manage your host, make configurations to your hosting server whether it is dedicated or shared.

Backup Management

We can provide a backup services regularly ( by month / by year ) or as a one time service for each one gigabyte.

SSL Certificates

Secure Socket layer certificate installation for secure connections. If your application require secure connection for payment as example, we can install this certificates to ensure reliable and secure connection during communication process.

Domain Control

Setting up domain in your hosting and that includes setting up name-servers whether they are included with your host or they are from separate vendor. We can also retrieve lost domains ( if you lose ownership information) and get it for you from ICANN.

Database Control

Including Backing up your database data, run configurations, Migrations between different databases … etc.

Scripts Control

If your hosting provide ready scripts and you can’t clearly install them, we can install them for you and provide proper support for them.

Desktop Applications

A desktop application will work directly on your operating system. It will not need browser or sometimes internet connection either. It will be customized with your needs, supporting your business needs and generate any reports for you. Here are some programming languages we can develop your application with:

  • .NET Framework (vb, C# ..etc)
  • Java

Mac Applications

 swift-hero_2xWe can provide you with Macintosh application using Objective C Programming and swift language ( which is used to develop mobile apps too), weather you need it for local use or to be published in the app store.






18Mobile Applications

We can develop your application using native mobile language (ex: Java for android and BlackBerry / Objective C for ios) or using a framework of your choice. It depends on what you need and how you need it to be.  A mobile application can use your database to retrieve information or it can be standalone app.


Mobile SMS service

Do you need to send mobile SMSs for your clients? we can provide sms service in your application, enables you to send sms to one or more of your clients with all customization you need.

Event Streaming

We can provide proper configuration using a good internet connection to stream your event online.

Version Upgrades

If you already have a software and need to do some upgrades and apply patches.

Operating System installing and configuration

If you buy a new computers to your company, we can install your preferred operating system and run all configurations you need for privileges and access control.


Installing antivirus, configuring firewalls .. etc.

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