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Product Description

What is Future Restaurant System?

Future Rest. system is a pioneer system in restaurant business field and it is coordinating the whole operation in easy way through the touch screen. The system can be used for an organization that has more than one branch with different points of sales, can support multi-users and helps in improving the performance of the business operations in the whole cycle.

Services provided by the company for this system:

  • Hardware and software installation and configuration.
  • Provide Training for the organization staff.
  • Provide system troubleshooting technical support.
  • Providing any additions or modifications the organization may need.
  • Providing system warranty.

Optional Components/Services:

  • External DVD.
  • Kaspersky or ESET Anti-Virus.
  • System Backup Solutions.
  • Network Solutions.
  • Wireless (Wi-Fi) Solutions.

Why should you get Future Restaurant System?

Our restaurant system is in-house developed, which can give you an assurance of how reliable our software are. You cannot guarantee 100% open-source applications reliability; on the other hand Famous systems cost more and more money. We can guarantee that our software is totally reliable and available with competitive price and features. One special feature is that the software can be integrated with our ERP software, so you will have the full package to run your business! Here are some of our system features:

  • Supports touch/ non-touch mode.
  • Dual Language Support (User interface language / Customer bill language / Kitchen bill language.)
  • Dynamic Main/Sub Menu
  • Multi Payment Modes.
  • Multi Users
  • Multi Shifts
  • Customer History
  • Refund Option
  • Multi Kitchen Printing
  • Reprint Bills
  • order Comments
  • Promotional Prices
  • Quick Service
  • Support kitchen screen
  • Support add-ons and removal for each finished good
  • Support login by user card (swap card user)

What are Future Restaurant System functionalities?

Create, modify and cancel orders.

Ability to choose between four order modes:

Take Away orders /Delivery using customer information. ( by selecting which customer )

Dine in / Out  ( with the ability to transfer tables)

Drive through for car orders

Ability to Split or Merge Bills

Day In/Out , with cash in/out

Multiple payment modes

Hold or Retrieve orders

Booking service to book tables in specific time for customers.

Flexible Section/Tables Layout can redesign the tables and upload section images.

Handle return cases: If customer paid the items can be marked as damaged (cannot be used again) or Re-use (can be sold again). If customer did not paid it can be marked as damaged (if cooked), Reuse (if can be used again) and it can be canceled.

provide reliable reports

Strong management tools to set privileges and control POS.

Inventory management: Add items, Add menus … etc


Package Includes

  • Future Solutions Restaurant Software