This module will control and manage whole system controls and resources. In includes the following sub modules:

Area Master

  • Control areas in the system

Barcode Setting

  • Control Barcodes, Add new and generate them.

Block Icons

  • Block/Unblock selected icons in the system.

Branch Master

  • Add / delete branches to the system


  • Add/ Remove cities to the system, to be used later in the addresses.

Cost centers Master

  • Define cost center information.


  • Add countries information in the system for addressing and currencies.

Currency Denomination

  • Currency information specifications.

Currency Exchange

  • Exchange rates from one currency to another.

Currency Master

  • Add currencies to the system.

Design tables

  • You can design your restaurant tables as you like, for each section of your restaurant. Define the areas of your table for dine in and booking services.


  • Add icons to the system, for each module separately.

Other Payment

  • For other payment methods specification.


  • Add printers to the system, for later printing!

System Addresses

  • Add addresses to the system to use them later.

System Icons

  • Enable/Disable main system icons.

System Options

  • Store information about the company, bill header and footer and other inventory options.

System POS

  • Control point of sale options for each POS users. Including languages, timing options to define minimum time and default time for booking for each pos. Account options, Inventory options to add items with specific specifications. Specifying default price lists for each pos, default new customer address … etc.

System Users

  • Control system users, assign point of sale privilege the them and password control.


  • Check system translation paraphrases.

User Privilege

  • Control user privileges in the system.