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Sales Master


  • Adding /Modifying /deleting customers to the system.
  • Assign customer to company chart of account.
  • Choose between two types: cash or credit customer.

Delivery men

  • Adding /Modifying /deleting delivery men to the system.
  • Specifying contact details.

Sales person

  • Adding /Modifying /deleting sales staff to the system.
  • Adding contact information and define price list group.

Sales Process

Sales deliver

  • Select order in the system to be delivered.
  • Provide high level of flexibility by giving the user the ability to separate delivery process, so he can deliver orders as many times as customer wants, each time with different items from the order itself.

Sales Order

  • Ability to import previously prepared quotation for customer.
  • Ability to select price list type (i.e. retail, project and whole sale) and distinct presets which is previously prices for each type.
  • Ability to specify discount amounts for each items separately or for the whole order.
  • It willProvide sale order summary (total sold item, total amount, total discount … etc.).

Sales Quotations

  •  Sales man may prepare a quotation to the customer.
  • With the support of price list type, he can control prices over the year (will explained later in adding items).
  • Ability to add items to the quotation using barcode scanner.
  • Specify number of days that the quotation will be valid on.

Sales Return

  • Ability to update orders so that if customer returned items during deliveries or before it is delivered, the inventory will be updated directly.

Sales Reports

Generate reports based on selected date duration or document reference, such as:

Sales Deliver report.
Salesman history report.
Sales Order report.
Sales Quotations reports.
Sales Return report.