Main Screen

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Inventory master

Build assembly

  • User can build assembly items by specifying primary and assembly items, Using item code and


Cost sheet

  • Calculating Item cost automatically based on user input in accounting module.
  • Or ability to add item cost information, fixed costs, average buy price, average fixed/variable costs … ETC Manually.

Group menu

  • Ability to add group menu (categories) for easy accessing your items.

Inventory master list

  • Items specifications: A way to classify different items from each other’s based on user specification. Ex: Baked food, ready food, Drinks … etc.
  • List of stores: User may add new stores to the system and assign account to them.
  • Outlets of marketing:  You can add outlets of your company like showrooms.
  • Type of price list: A flexible functionality will allow admin to add price lists. These lists can be used later as a preset lists for prices. Ex: Retail, Group and Whole sale.
  • Price list: Acts as a sub-preset from (Type of price list). Ex: Retail /prices of 2013, Retail /prices of 2014.
  • Units master: User may add units to the system, any added items can use these units later.

Item master

  • User will be able to add all item information, besides uploading photos, defining stock and item price list.

Price sheet

Ability to add/edit/modify item prices with assigning price list type and even price list name.

Inventory process

Damage issue

  • Ability to state damage items and make a report, which will help to monitor items better.

Material transfer approval

  • User can accept material transfer approval between different branches, with the ability to accept selected items per whole request.

Material transfer request

  • User can send request to be received for example in another branches, to transfer materials, goods and stock …etc.

Inventory report

Generate reports based on selected date duration or document references, such as:

  • Build assembly report
  • Damage issue report
  • Item master report
  • Material transfer approval report
  • Material transfer request report
  • Packaging and appointment report
  • Stock status report
  • Units master report
  • Used stock report