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Account Master

Account periods

  • Accountants may define financial periods and use them later in the system.

Account summary

  • Will view a soft-copy report of accounts summary for chart of account.

Bank master

  • This function will allow accountant to add multiple banks in the system. This will automatically add the banks to chart of account.

Chart of account

  •  Will provide a full view for the company chart of accounts and allow accountant to fully manage/edit each sub-ledger or general ledger. Delete option is also included but with
  • heavy validation to prevent user errors.
  • Unlimited levels of ledger/sub-ledger.
  • Ability to activate / deactivate any account.
  • Well organized by determining the account group, account nature and currency for each node.
  • Ability to define accounts with different currencies.

Expenses master

  •  All expense regarding to item purchase will be saved here, and automatically used for doing landing cost calculations.

Account Process

Account Opening Balance

  • Give you the ability to add the opening balance for each account from a previous balance sheet.

Post General Ledger

  • Closing Financial year with creative calculation ability to determine whether its profit or
    lose with the amount, and transferring all the amounts to the next selected financial

Account Reports

Charts of accounts report

  • Print the current chart of the account.

Financial statements

  • With the ability to select weather it is form a balance sheet or income statement for a selected period of time.

General ledger report

  • Generate a report for any sub-ledger in chart of account.

Journal ledger report

  • Generate a report to view all posted transactions in a selected period of time.

Payment voucher reports

Receipt voucher reports

Account Transactions

Bank deposit

  • Record All bank deposit transactions with the ability to add, update or delete transaction record while it is not posted yet.

Bank transfer

  • Record All bank transfer transactions with the ability to add, update or delete transaction record while it is not posted yet.

Bank withdrawals

  • Record All bank withdrawals transactions with the ability to add, update or delete transaction record while it is not posted yet.

Investing capital

  • Usually it is used in new companies to determine the amount of investment.

Journal ledger

  • Enable user to enter all general ledger transactions manually (if you just get Account module) or automatically (When you get the whole ERP package).
  •  Monitor open transactions in other modules.

Payment voucher

  • Accountant will be able to enter payment vouchers, and specify its details.

Receipt voucher

  • Accountant can record receipts to help him later to monitor money movements.