Do you need ERP system ? Try FutureERP!

our in-house  developed ERP can help you a lot in your businesses tasks, link them together and reduce time costs!

  • Suitable for any kind of businesses.
  • Link (Account, Sales, Purchase, Inventory, HR and POS) processes all together.
  • Provide wide range of printable reports.
  • flexible to be customized based on your organizational needs.
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Computer keyboard with on-line shopping symbol

Amazing hardware options, Get them with best prices !

If you need a computer hardware for your business, we will provide them for great deals!

  • Servers, Computers and Laptops.
  • Many computer accessories including printers, Barcode printers and invoices printers.
  • All POS accessories, including terminals, Barcode scanners, cash drawers .. etc.

And why do you need a Restaurant system?

Did you have a bad day before? Did your orders mixed together and your customer got angry? Why do you have to worry about your orders? Our Restaurant system will organize all your work process starting from making orders to update your stock, until reserving tables to your customers!
  • Fully touch support with easy user interface.
  • It is designed for your restaurant, coffee shop and more !
  • It has wide range of features and options .

Suitable hosting plan packages for your business

Start your business with our great hosting plan deals! check out our main features

  • Fully supporting ADF and JSF hosting!
  • Unlimited domains, databases and emails, with CPanel Management
  • Many tools and ready-installed scripts